Nurses Care Hub is dedicated to improving health policy engagement by fostering excellence in education, nursing leadership, and nursing practice.

Nurses Care Hub’s Advisory Board serves as its leadership team. Serving on the Advisory Board is an excellent opportunity to become more engaged in Nurses Care Hub activities and make strategic decisions that impact nurses.

The Advisory Board consists of elected individuals who serve a one-year term and meet quarterly. Board members are responsible for setting the organization’s strategy and implement decisions for Nurses Care Hub.


Nurses Care Hub has three standing committees: the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, the Practice and Policy Committee, and the Membership Committee.

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Develop Nurses Care Hub activities to promote diversity and inclusion in its membership, events, and leadership.

Practice and Policy Committee

Ensures that all Nurses Care Hub events and activities connect health policy to practice and help identify and implement educational opportunities for all Nurses Care Hub members, including all communications platforms.

Membership Committee

Promote and advance recruitment strategies, develop membership benefits, and assess membership satisfaction for nursing professionals, students, and retirees.


Committees work in conjunction with Nurses Care Hub staff and the Advisory Board throughout the year. You must be a Nurses Care Hub member to serve on any committee at this time.
Generally, a committee meets quarterly, virtually for one hour. Committee participants are expected to participate and work with Nurses Care Hub staff and the Advisory Board to complete Practice and Policy and committee goals for the year.

If you are interested in serving on the Nurses Care Hub Advisory Board or a committee, please fill out the form below.

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